Baghdad (News) ...Central Bank adviser said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the tax system and the banking sector suffered from major problems impeding the workflow.

He said Saleh (News Agency news) on Tuesday: the tax and banking sectors suffer from problems hampering the progress of their work include mental Bank inadvertent still dominant banks and absence of tax culture and lack of modern electronic system. Saleh said: the tax system and the banking sector needs to develop the structure of banking systems and open workshops and intensive seminars and need global expertise to advance the long dormant banks, stating: the parliamentary Finance Committee initiative invested her meeting with the US delegation to ask the banking sector problems and taxation is an important initiative.

Central Bank adviser said: America has one of the best arts tax in the world so that step being taken by technical assistance by providing workshops and training for Iraqi bank managers are good steps to improve the infrastructure of the banking sector and tax to stabilize economic growth in Iraq. Valid to: drew that Congress plays a significant role in promoting enterprise in Iraq, including the Central Bank, which is one of the best projects carried out, and it commended the role, adding, without Congress, since the Central Bank's presence in Iraq. The parliamentary Finance Committee held a meeting with a delegation from the US Treasury Department and the u.s. Embassy in Baghdad, where the most discussed problems of the banking system and taxation in Iraq and how to find the most rapid solutions./finished/21. n. p/ 
Follow-up - and babysit - renewed the U.S. Treasury to include a group created in the black list for the eighth consecutive year. quoted Western media for the official to issue a list of banned organizations financially Office of the control of external funds in the U.S. Treasury as saying that "the group Iran (PMOI) in the blocked list has not been its removal.

"The list includes individuals and institutions and organizations are banned from financial dealings and known as" S. DNA "and freeze their funds in the United States and prohibits all Americans to communicate with them. The U.S. Treasury Department have been incorporated organization to create and cover nominating board resistance National in this list since 2003, and subsequently froze all assets of this terrorist group in America and prevent Americans from doing business with them. The group creation are also included since 1997 in the list of "FTO" on the U.S. State Department, which includes the names of terrorist groups. was Organization creation has won a court ruling calls for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - which has identified a list of "terrorist groups" - to review the file organization, and a decision on be removed from the list. and gave the Court an American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a period of 4 months to reach a decision on lifting the name of the creation of list of terrorist organizations issued by her ministry.

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will take action in lifting the creation of terror from the U.S. list of terrorist organizations two months later, the closure of refugee camp in Iraq, which has not been achieved so far. and the terrorist organization's campaign in Washington and other countries to win the support of politicians to be removed from the U.S. list of "terrorism", which led the government to open an investigation into a legitimate organization. Organization was able to include former presidents in the security and intelligence and U.S. military ranks members of Congress from both parties (Republican and Democratic) , to support legal action for the organization to remove from the list which includes terrorist groups from the American perspective. has this group many of the killings and assassinations and the kidnapping of Iranian citizens, Iraqis, sabotage and Tfgeronabeb oil in Iraq, Iran and co-members of the group's leaders to suppress the popular uprising in 1991 in Iraq, as the members are with the support of Saddam's Baathist regime confiscated the lives and property of the Iraqi citizens, and committed crimes in the south of Iraq to kill Iraqis in Basra province, specifically the popular uprising days as there are documents to prove crimes in the areas of community Tuz Khurmatu, Diyala, and Jalawla Kifri and Clare in Iraq. M. J 
BAGHDAD / JD / .. Announced that the Finance Committee for its parliamentary transfer of banking and fiscal problems that has plagued Iraq to the U.S. Congress. A member of the Committee and the representative of a coalition of state law Haitham Jubouri's / JD / The "throw the last, which brought together the Commission with a delegation from the U.S. Treasury Department and the U.S. embassy in Baghdad discussed the problems of the banking system and taxation in Iraq, in addition to the multiplicity of revenues and implementation of Almoisma of Iraq."

The Jubouri "The delegation, cut us a promise to transfer these problems to the Treasury Committee in Congress, in addition to the U.S. Treasury." "The delegation stressed after the transfer of these problems will determine for us after a common agenda," includes workshops, seminars, and conferences, whether in Washington or Baghdad to develop the work of the Finance Committee of parliament and staff as consultants, as well as creating cadres of full development of the budget preparation. "And between a member Finance Committee and parliamentary deputy, a coalition of state law "that Iraq needs to workshops and training sessions and meetings continue to take advantage of the experience of U.S. banking and Maya." The decision of the Finance Committee and the representative of the Iraqi List, Ahmed electrodes received on Tuesday (06/05/2012) at the headquarters of the Commission and a delegation from the U.S. Treasury Department and the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. During the meeting, discussion of the general frameworks for financial management and areas of future cooperation between the parties.

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} search Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi, met with a delegation from the US Treasury Department some political and economic issues of common interest between the two countries.

According to a statement by the Ministry of finance received {Euphrates news} on "Al-Issawi met with the Chargé d'affaires of the US Embassy and a delegation from berkroft Stephen Treasury Department where it was during the meeting Ways to strengthen and develop economic ties between the United States and Iraq and mechanisms to support the Iraqi economy and growth to accelerate reconstruction and services in the country. "

He added that "the two sides discussed political developments and the situation in some neighbouring countries and the impact of these events on the political and security realities of Iraq".Finished